long overdue updates

I must apologize for my delinquency in not keeping all of you, my readers, up to date. There is a theory called time dilation. As a writer, I experience this each time I sit down at my computer.  I become so engrossed that days can pass, my plants can wilt,  winter can turn to summer – I think you get the point.

Anyway, I have lots of exciting things to share. Potatoes With Appeal is no longer my newest book. Eclectic in my writing, as in my other endeavors, my books are as varied as my interests. Secret Survivors, my latest book, is a middle grade chapter book. This is a gripping story about children  trapped and struggling to stay alive when a blizzard hits the mountains of Colorado. (Publication date will be March 10, 2020. )

I have been asked to write a third edition of Married Women Who Love Women. Now titled Married Women Who Love Women and More, because so much has changed in our world. (Publication date for this edition will be some time in May, 2020.)

I have also been asked to write a chapter on Menopause for a book titled The M-Word: Reclaiming the Menopause Conversation. (Publication date will be sometime in October, 2020.)

Also Woman’s World  just published my essay titled “Thrift Shop Angel”. (February 10, 2020.) This is a piece that has been lying in my drawer for years so never say never.



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