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More on Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

 There has been so much interest in my stepping off the grid and spending some time in an Earthship near El Pardo, NM that I thought I’d talk about one of my concerns while deciding on this adventure. There was … Continue reading

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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? For me it was early November. I was invited to visit a woman I’d only met once. I can hear you saying “so?”. Well, this woman lives in … Continue reading

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Do Books Really Write Themselves

On Saturday, November 2, 2013  I’ll be speaking at Boston Mensa’s Wicked Good Regional Gathering. My topic will be “Do Books Really Write Themselves?”. It will give an insight into the way writing truly happens – how much is us … Continue reading

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A Trip into the City

I’d gone into Manhattan to have the second shot in my knee. Which incidentally, hasn’t begun to work its magic yet but I’m still hopeful. On the bus, a man sitting next to me asked for directions. I wasn’t certain … Continue reading

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One of the three “ahaas” I’ve lived by ever since I discovered myself was “have no expectations and you’ll have no disappointments. Today, I came across this quote by Sri Chinmoy, “Peace begins when expectation ends.” So simple yet so … Continue reading

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High Cost of US Medicines

Synvisc is a medication that, when injected into the knee, creates a coating to prevent bone rubbing on bone if cartilage is gone. My insurance company would not cover the $800 cost but  the same drug, purchased through Canada, is half that amount-  $400. … Continue reading

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