Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
For me it was early November. I was invited to visit a woman I’d only met once. I can hear you saying “so?”. Well, this woman lives in an Earthship in New Mexico. (Earthships are made from natural and recycled materials such as tires, aluminum cans, and bottles over a dirt floor; and are considered off-the-grid homes.) In her 3/4 ton truck It takes about a half hour to navigate the 8-mile rutted rocky dirt road that leads to her place from the nearest main road. Her water comes from a cistern on the roof, her electricity comes from solar energy — if the sun is out long enough to charge the batteries, Not enough to qualify? How about no indoor plumbing? Can’t remember the last time I used an outhouse before my visit. Oh, I remember. Never. And how about no cell phone service, actually no phone service at all. She did, however, have a computer with internet service via satellite.

I’d sought a travel companion but when I explained where my friend lived, everyone had another excuse to stay away. I’d show them, I thought, and — although extremely nervous — I texted her that I was coming.

I am still processing the amazing time I had. I’ll be forever grateful to the amazing woman who opened her doors to me, showed me an entirely different world, and became a good friend.IMG_3511IMG_6005IMG_5933IMG_5998

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