Potatoes With Appeal; 105 Mouth-Watering Recipes

Potatoes-With-Appeal-1Potatoes With Appeal; 105 Mouth-Watering Recipes

by Carren Strock
ISBN: 978-1-5154-1031-7
134 pages, 5 x 8 inches
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Years ago I passed a farm stand and this sign “50 pounds of potatoes $3.00″ caught my eye. Not able to resist a bargain, I stopped. The stand was closing so the farmer threw in two extra bags and I came home with 150 pounds of potatoes. I had my kids going up and down the street giving potatoes out to everyone until they said, “No more. We have enough.” I made potato pancakes, puddings, soups, and didn’t make a dent in the mounds of potatoes on my counter tops. Word spread, people started sending me recipes, and my interest in the potato grew. My latest book, Potatoes With Appeal; 105 Mouth-Watering Recipes, is the result. in addition to the recipes it includes a brief history of the potato, its proper care and maintenance, and cooking hints.