More MWLW in the news!

On Monday, at 2:00PM I’m being interviewed by Power Women Magazine,  an online publication about women by women for women and issues important to women . Their website is

This was arranged before the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention brought the topic of “The Fluidity of Female Sexuality” to the attention of the public. The interviews in relation to this now include the Toronto Star and today, Forum, a Polish weekly requested a photo of the cover of “Married Women Who Love Women” to accompany a story they’re doing on the same topic.

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1 Response to More MWLW in the news!

  1. Josephine says:

    Feel’s like I am literally hitting a brick wall. I need support,encouragement and a listening ear… If u cant,perhaps u could recommend someone who could. Are there support groups out there for women like us? There is the local LGBT in our city,but feel like I’m on outside looking in…. Are there dating sites that specifically include “married women loving women”. Who can I go to??? HELP!!!

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