Childhood friends

I just had to share this. Several years ago, I belonged to a book group. One of the books we read, (I can’t remember the title) was about childhood friends. We started reminiscing about our own childhood friends, people we’d lost touch with and decided that each of us would find one old friend. Everyone came back with success stories, except me. Even with the internet, I was the only one who couldn’t find my old friend Nadine.

Anyway, I was on the phone with a woman I met at the writers’ conference. She was telling me how one of her old teachers tracked her down to see what she was up to. I told her my “Nadine” story and while we were chatting, she asked if Nadine had any brothers or sisters. Long story short, she found a web site for a man with a similar name, gave me his email address and I emailed him. Turns out he was Nadine’s brother. He gave me her phone number and we had a wonderful phone reunion.

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