Two Insights on Technology

Insight: I had all the best intentions of doing an insight a day but my computer and phone line crashed. And it took several days before I could get them working again. So I guess today’s insight is going to be the Yiddish proverb, “Man plans and God laughs.”

Insight: My phone line and computer were out for several days. It made me realize how dependent we have all become on machines to keep us in touch with the world. But even when they’re up and running, they are not 100% fool proof. Sometimes they fail. For instance, if you send an email to someone and the address is wrong (maybe off by a letter or a number) you will only get an undeliverable message if no one else has that email address. If there is someone else it can go to, it will. I have gotten emails that I know were not meant for me. I take a second or two to reply to the writer so that he will know that the person he wrote to never received his note.

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