Insights come to me while I’m driving, lying in bed, playing a computer game – it doesn’t really matter where I am or what I’m doing. Sometimes they are profound and sometimes not so profound but they flit through my mind and then are forgotten. I had a brilliant one yesterday, while driving into Manhattan to attend the IWWG‘s Writers Conference. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, I couldn’t remember it. Anyway, I made a conscious decision to jot these thoughts down as they came to me.

Then, at the conference, I spoke about my writing. The audience seemed to hang on my every word, and, as I was speaking, I had another insight. Maybe my thoughts, whether philosophical or superficial, would interest others and so I would share them on my website rather than stashing them away in a notebook. I hope to keep them coming.

INSIGHT: Selling all of the Writer’s Journey books I’d brought was exhilarating but my real high came from the realization that people actually were interested in everything I had to say.

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