Writers Conference

I just spent a most enjoyable day yesterday at the International Women’s Writing Guild‘s NYC conference.

Susan Tiberghien, a marvelous workshop leader spoke on different types of memoir writing. By the time she finished about 130 enthusiastic women had come up with titles and styles for the memoirs they planned to write. What was interesting was that no two women had come up with the same title. Three other presenters spoke on marketing, contracts, and the business end of writing.

 Today thirteen authors, myself included, will discuss our books and how they came to be. I’ll be talking about A Writer’s Journey: What to Know Before, During, and After Writing a Book.

One woman who had read my Married Women Who Love Women told me that after reading that book, she went to my website where she learned of this writers conference. I guess this social networking stuff really works.

The conference was held at the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park. This 40 room mansion is considered among the most beautiful buildings in NYC. Built in the 1840s and declared a landmark building in the 1960s, it has been “victorianized, with its sandstone façade, bay windows and Gothic Ornamentation. The inside of the mansion boasts stained glass ceilings and hand carved fireplaces. If you’re anywhere near there I suggest you give it a look.

The International Women’s Writing Guild will be holding their one week summer conference at Brown University in Rhode Island from July 30-August 6. There will be 50 workshops to choose from and I can gaurentee that the energy will be high. You can check it out at www.iwwg.org.

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