Back from Florida…

I never blogged about going to Florida because my house was going to be left unattended for that period of time and I was concerned. Then I got angry thinking isn’t that a sad commentary of our times. What do you think?
While in Florida I had planned to go through a second draft on a novel I’ve been working on but the weather was so beautiful and the community pool so welcoming, and the golf courses so reasonable and easily acessible, and I was painting with watercolors, so, all told, I spent only a few hours on the computer. Now however, I’m back, refreshed, ready to work, and pleased to say that the ASJA Panel I moderated for the American Association of Journalists and Authors’ 41st Annual Writers Conference went very well thanks to my three outstanding panelists: Jennifer MargulisLester Picker and Gina DeMillo Wagner.
The whole world of publishing is changing as I get ready to launch my first mystery “The Child Taker.” It is a bit overwhelming but I am going to try so please watch for more information as to when the book will be available.
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