The Fluidity of Female Sexuality

I think I was early when the first edition of  Married Women Who Love Women was published in 1998. The topic was still taboo. Women were hiding the book behind the jacket covers of other books or hiding it away. The climate was changing when the second edition came out in 2008 and now  the new catch phrase is  “The Fluidity of Female Sexuality.”  I’m not sure when that started but I do know that many more women are following the celebrity wave and coming out, especially in middle age.

I just saw The Guardian, the English newspaper that interviewed me . An entire section of the newspaper was devoted to the coming out of married and older women. You can find it on this site:

Right after the article appeared I was interviewed by the BBC. You will be able to listen to it on Saturday on BBC website: (Or you can download it as a Podcast ‘Newshour’ from iTunes.)

Then there was another message on my email – a newspaper in Canada wants to do an interview, but they asked if the book has been translated into French, so I don’t know if that will come about.

Update: I just did the Canadian interview and it will be in the La Presse in Montreal, Canada (a daily newspaper) tomorrow July, 30, 2010 (in French).

My hope is that all of this attention will make it easier for those women still struggling to find and be their authentic selves.

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1 Response to The Fluidity of Female Sexuality

  1. Jezz says:

    Loved your BBC interview, let me know when it is on line.

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