Thank you to the IWWG

I’m thrilled to say that early this morning I completed the first draft of a mystery I started several years ago while at the IWWG conference. Who knew that a workshop using a little visualization would come to this? I saw a pregnant woman walking over a rise on a beach and suddenly The Child Taker, a mystery that takes place in Coney Island, was born.

It was at that same conference that my first book, Married Women Who Love Women came about when a workshop leader asked for possible book titles. Too lazy to think of one, I offered the title of an article I was working on at the time. Other attendees had so many questions for me that I realized a book needed to be written.

And my latest published book, A Writer’s Journey, What to Know Before, During, and After Writing a Book came about because of a workshop I started teaching for the IWWG conference. I am so looking forward to our conference at Brown this year.

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