We have a long way to go…

I just spoke as part of an informal panel based on my book Married Women Who Love Women. The panel consisted of  me and two women in different stages of their own journeys. I realized that what I love about speaking at events like these is that the people who come actually come to hear what you have to say.Thirty women came to this one.

Many had already bought my book and they listened to my every word. There were many who sat with tears in their eyes as I touched on issues they were just beginning to deal with. So many women said, “thank you for writing your book. It was so important to me,” or, “your book helped me so much.”

The day reminded me that even thought we, as a society, have come so far in our acceptance of gay and lesbian people,  many women are still going through a great deal of pain and we have a long way to go.

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