We’re okay.

I just attended a Professional Women’s mixer. This event was sponsored by OP Lynx, a division of Out Professionals, and the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan. The upper west side rooftop was a perfect setting and even though the weather was cool and unlike May weather, the energy was so high that I felt warm all evening. What surprised, and pleased me, were the number of young, confident women attending.

Years ago, many women, even if they felt they were ‘different’, didn’t know why. It was not uncommon for a women to grow up never hearing the term lesbian. It’s hard to believe now but between the years of 1961 and 1970, only one gay character was documented on a television show. From 1991 to 2000 the number of documented gay characters rose to 306. Although some women still go through years of questioning before they realize who they are, the media has played a large part in showing women that they’re okay. And now, with country music star Chely Wright coming out, her Bible Belt audience (that a lot of people in our community often write off) will be enlightened too. A lot of her fans will realize they actually know a gay person.

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