When love reigns, peace will follow…

While I have been receiving email since MWLW came out in 1998, the second edition, published in 2008 has brought a surge of new emails from the US and from other countries also. And many more are from husbands. I received three this week from husbands in Australia and one from a husband in France. My Google alert recently brought me to web sites in India and in the United Kingdom.

One husband, living in Lebanon, wrote that while he believed that his wife is heterosexual, and that God’s plan was for man and woman to procreate, “Catholic faithful or not, we all need to realize that there are many types of feelings in humans and we need to respect those feelings as long as we know that the people who feel them are not going to use those feelings to harm anyone in any way. WHEN LOVE REIGNS, PEACE WILL FOLLOW, regardless of who’s loving who.”

I wanted to share this because I could not have said it better.

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