Back from the cruise…

Just returned from Discover Sweet, a women’s cruise to the Western Caribbean. The cruise was amazing. Started out rocking and rolling. We were caught in Hurricane Ida for about 18 hours; the ship was like a ghost ship. With so many sea sick and confined to their beds, all activities were canceled for a day. Those few of us unaffected, (I was one of those very lucky ones) made our way along the corridors by holding onto whatever we could. I spoke with a crew member who’d been on board for 8 years. He said that this was the worst storm he had ever gone through.

But this was a first cruise for one young woman. She just assumed that there were always humongous waves and that was just how it was on a ship. (Not.) After those first rough hours, the weather cleared and the rest of the cruise was flawless. Met a slew of interesting women, many in powerful positions, many in film-related positions. All passionate about the work they do and all determined to make the world a better place and to build respect and admiration for the United States and for the lesbian community. We’re off to a good start with volunteers cleaning up beaches, painting schools, fixing up libraries etc.

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