My Thoughts on Rosie O’Donnell’s Separation

Two days ago a friend came in and said, “did you hear who’s separated and maybe getting divorced?”  I had no idea. “It’s Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter.” A whirlwind of thoughts ran through my head.

First disbelief. Not Rosie, the woman I admired.  The woman with the “no holds barred” approach to life.  The woman who had it all together, and had it all.

Then anger.  Rosie represented the consummate role model for gay marriage and motherhood.  Rosie and Kelli were a poster family for successful adoptions.  Seeing how well they worked together to raise a normal family made the world view gay marriages in a kinder light.  Something like this would set the fight for equality and approval of gay marriages back.  This would be a field day for those who didn’t like her outspoken ways.

It saddens me to see that Rosie is having marital problems, but many families have issues and they resolve them to the best of their ability-without input from the public. I will not stop admiring this woman and the good works she has done and I am sure will continue to do. She hasn’t put herself on a pedestal. We’ve put her there. It’s time to remember that Rosie is a person like everyone else.


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