A note about the Oprah show

A while back, I received a call that all writers dream of. It was from the Oprah show.

I experienced an incredible feeling of euphoria which waned in a matter of minutes. They were looking for people who had been estranged from their children after telling them a “horrible secret” and then had pleaded to be forgiven and had regained their children’s love and trust. The title of the show was to be “Regaining Your Child’s Love and Trust.”

The producer had seen my book and thought that the admission of my lesbianism might qualify. As much as I had dreamed of being on the Oprah show, I could not justify calling my disclosure a “horrible secret.” While I had been shocked at the realization of my sexuality after 25 years of marriage, I soon realized that it was a natural change or discovery and not some “horrible secret.” In addition, my children had always offered unconditional love.

I sometimes wonder if I was crazy to let my principles keep me from appearing on the Oprah show I was called about but I know how important this topic is and I am waiting for a call that says “we want to do a segment on Married Women Who Love Women.”

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