Welcome to the website and blog of author and artist Carren Strock.

After 25 years of a contented heterosexual marriage, I fell in love with another woman. I experienced more passion, pain, isolation, and turmoil than I ever thought possible and I began to question who I really was. My journey from denial to self awareness, understanding and acceptance was not an easy one. I wrote Married Women Who Love Women, as a way to deal with my own discovery and to help other women deal with theirs.

Thank you for visiting my new website. Please be patient as I continue to update and improve it. While the main focus will continue to be my book, now in its second edition, I will also feature more about myself, art work, articles and essays, and eventually, more new books. While I will be adding resources, helpful links, and viewer questions and answers pertaining to this topic (as always, with total anonymity for correspondents), I will continue to respond to private e-mails as well. You can reach me here.

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